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Sewage Collection Systems

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Sewage Collection

Providing cost effective solutions and staying technically on the edge Onsite Solutions is proud to be the distributor of the Collection Series from Delta Environmental. As the population continues to grow and more and more houses are being built and, innovative wastewater solutions are needed. Many subdivisions and housing developments are being built in areas without sewer, and also without the option of a conventional gravity septic system. Gravity sewer lines are extremely costly due to the depths of excavation, and can be disruptive to the natural environment. Our solution is to utilize relatively small diameter piping that can be laid in shallow trenches, and can follow the contours of the land.

From years of experience in the grinder industry we know that every Low Pressure Sewer [LPS] system has its own unique demands.


Choose between our DGR12-Rail System with cast iron and stainless steel lift-out.


Or our DGF12-Flex Hose System with easy slip-fit connection for quick installation and service.

Either simplex or duplex models can be ordered, along with a large variety of basin sizes to fit any need. Call Onsite Solutions for all available options.


If you are dealing with E/One pumps that are failing-Onsite Solutions has a fix.

We can provide you with a pump and specially designed basin that will drop right into where the E/One was installed.

We can custom build your pumps, basins, and controls to fit whatever need your job entails. Give us a call for complete design assistance. Call us if you need assistance choosing a pump to match your existing demands.

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Sewage Dispersal Systems