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"E-Loo" The Environmentally Friendly Loo

Onsite Solutions recently began distributing Clean-up America's the E-Loo (Enviro Loo). The Eloo is a non-discharge dry sanitation system used as an alternative toilet, dry toilet, vault toilet, outdoor toilet, innovative toilet, holding tank with evaporative exhaust and evaporative toilet. While not a composting toilet. It will operate anywhere that a composting toilet is used, only with less effort. Tested in many countries around the world the Eloo is now available in the United States and Canada through Onsite Solutions Inc!

environmental loo
A Cost Effective Green Solution!

Thousands of units have been installed over the years. Applications include:

  1. Hunting and fishing cabins, parks, schools, acreages, camps, public buildings.
  2. Failing septic systems.
  3. Shoreline settings, recreational fields, municipal public sites and anywhere that sanitation is needed but there is no water.
  4. If the situation calls for a bucket, pit or chemical toilet, the Eloo your best alternative.
  5. The ground will not perk.
  6. Surface water is being polluted.
  7. There is a moratorium on septic systems
  8. Infrastructure is aging.
  9. There are water shortages.
  10. There are leaking pit/vault latrines.

environmental loo
E-Loo Can Be Installed And Operational In One Day And Requires No Use of Water!

More then one unit can be installed in the same footprint if your application calls for a Mens Room and Ladies Room, and best of all installation can be completed in 1 day.