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Commercial Treatment: BIOPOD

  • All Stainless Steel Components
  • Custom built configurations to meet any treatment need or tank
  • Number of different tank options
  • Media is self-cleaning and never needs to be replaced
  • Nitrogen reduction from 49-70%

The BIOPOD® fixed film treatment unit is the newest commercial unit offered by Onsite Solutions. This big brother to the ECOPODŽ can treat anywhere from 2,000 gallons per day up to 100,000 gallons per day.

What is really unique about the BIOPOD is that we can custom build a unit to reach the treatment level required, and also specially configure the media blocks to fit into just about any tank.

Use your local concrete tank manufacturer, have concrete poured in place, install it in steel, or have Onsite Solutions ship it completely assembled in a XERXES fiberglass tank. If you need flexibility in your design or installation then the BIOPOD® is your answer.

As with all of Delta Environmental's treatment units, we can build any option into the BIOPOD® control panel: Remote Monitoring, pump lockout with compressor failure, dual alternating compressors, and UV controls.

With any treatment unit that we provide you not only get top of the line equipment, but also responsive design, installation, and maintenance assistance. If you are dealing with stringent nitrogen limits please give us a call at Onsite Solutions, Inc to discuss design and treatment options.

Click here to download a complete BIOPOD® brochure

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